2017 Tori Graduation

We are truly proud of the hard work, tenacity and achievement of the 160 individuals who are graduating from T.O.R.I. today. Over the last 12 years, T.O.R.I. has provided housing, employment, healthcare, family reunification and spiritual guidance to over 10,000 people! This program has made a significant impact in the reduction of recidivism rates in the State of Texas. We celebrate our Executive Director, Tina P. Naidoo, the staff, and countless others who work tirelessly to continue reaching our community in this profound way. As today’s Commencement Speaker, Bryan Stevenson @eji_org so eloquently stated, “Broken people are the ones who are really going to show us how God’s grace works!”

We encourage each of the graduates, families and supporters to keep these important points as they move forward in life:

  • Stay Prayerful
  • Change the Narrative
  • Don’t Lose Hope
  • Be Willing to do Uncomfortable Things to
  • Create Hope
  • Don’t Measure Yourself the Way the World Measures You

2 Corinthians 12:9 – My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is make perfect in weakness……The broken people will show us how grace and compassion works.

The opposite of poverty is justice. Let’s continue to fight for justice and support our TORI program and initiatives.

Partner with us today by visiting medc-tori.org. You can be an integral part of keeping this program going strong.

See the rebroadcast of today’s service at tdjakes.org/watchnow @BishopJakes #tphonline