Are You My Mother? Mark 3:31-35 NLT
In the book of Mark we see Jesus’ mother and brothers send for him. There were a multitude of people sitting around HIM that identified that Jesus’ relatives were outside looking for him. In the best selling book by P.D. Eastman in Dr. Seuss collection, titled “Are you My Mother?”, we see a baby bird searching for his mother. He approaches several animals, a kitten, a hen, a dog and a Snort looking for his mother. This great work of art shows the special bond between a mother and her child is one that can never be broken or lost. Are you seeking your identity? You must remain stable so that GOD can imprint HIS vision for your life on your heart. Just as we see in the book of Mark, a mother’s time does not expire, even in the midst of mess and misery, Mother’s are always there to extend LOVE to her child. A real mama understands that everything will not always be easy, but she will prepare her child for the world and tough times. Mothers nurture and they don’t wait for the child to get it right. Mothers pray and intercede for their children. Are you in HIS will? Jesus is waiting on you, he is a friend to the friendless and a mother to the motherless. The assignment for your today is to learn your mother, brother or sister and to understand their journey. Jesus is the answer and he will bring the satisfaction needed in your current state. Seek Jesus today!

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Written by: The Potter's House

May 14, 2017

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