Genesis 32:22-31 NIV

Everyone has something going on in their basement that needs to be cleaned out. Dig deep in there and admit that you have basement problems. You probably didn’t know you could get it out, but you can. You have the strength to let all the bad GO. Folks can see your smile, but they can’t hear your scream. It’s even hard to have a relationship with someone you think doesn’t like you. You have to ask yourself: “Have you made busyness your drug to cover up what you’re feeling on the inside? With your professional self, you are in control and with your public self is what everyone else sees. What we really fear is not being loved and accepted! The personal relationships you have with people is where you can be real the YOU, because not everyone can admit the real problems they have going on in there life. The things that really matter the most, we often starve to death. It’s time to let your past Go today! Make sure as you move forward from today that you remember these three points: 1. Your Personal self: “Is our least guarded self.” 2. Your Public Self: “Is what everyone else sees.” 3. Your Private Self: “Is where we have access to our “Closed Doors”.

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Written by: The Potter's House

June 25, 2017

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