The Gospel Exposed

“The Gospel Exposed” Romans 7:21-25 ; 2 Corinthians 1:8-10

Your greatest storms break out when you are closest to your greatest impact. The enemy would never try to rob you if he didn’t think you had something. The real power of the Gospel isn’t in showing people you are among the elite, it is in showing you can humble yourself. Get your mind right because that is tool God has to work with you. If you let the enemy attack your mind you don’t have anything left pulling you to serve the Lord. Your convictions are a result of what you are exposed to. Convictions are progressive and change over time. You may need to separate yourself from people who are locked in to the old way you used to think. Your conviction is what will lead to your conversion! Could it be you are not all the way free because you have not all the way repented? You may have converted, but if you are not willing to convert your environment, you’ll be in constant conflict. Conviction comes to convert, not to condemn – get that ‘dead thing’ off of you (Romans 8:1)! He has delivered! He is delivering! He shall deliver!

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Written by: The Potter's House

July 30, 2017

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