“Arrest Him” Mark 10:46-52

Opportunity is always built on accessibility! If you’re not accessible, you will lose the opportunity. It is amazing how you can get into a system of survival and do something you hate daily, yet still be committed. Where is your survival spot? Have you built systems to accommodate what doesn’t work in your life? Do not allow yourself to become so addicted to doing things your way that you become both blind and bossy. If you do not break your routine, nothing is going to change – God is getting ready to disrupt your entire system. If you are THAT frustrated with your life & refuse to change, you will always be where you’ve always been. You have to get out of your routine because you are running out of time. It is hard to walk with God when you are confused. You have to know when you can’t allow other peoples opinions stop you from going after what God has for you! Sometimes you might get it wrong, but stay with Jesus! What will you leave behind to get what you want from the Lord? The way you are handling things is killing your chance to be free. What are you willing to change about your normal to make room for your deliverance? Stop making excuses and provisions for your flesh – Leave your coat behind!

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