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SOAR: The Next Generation

Numbers 13:30-33; 14:1-3 As God changes you, the way you think has to change. Realize that you are about to move from Egypt to the Promised Land! The enemy will use confusion to keep you from going to the next level; You must respond to his tactics with confrontation! There are 3 things that can […]

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Hatching Greatness

Greatness has to be hatched! Recognize that people can’t always see your greatness from the outside! Everything that matters is happening on the inside. You will inevitably endure a wilderness experience, but anything you get too easily, you will let go of easily. If you give up too soon, you will miss your blessing. Don’t […]

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Eagles Make Love In The Air

Your thoughts are powerful – As a man thinketh, so is he! You become what you talk about! Surround yourself with conversations that stimulate your interests! You must clear your head from all of the things that have you stuck on the ground. You cannot be innovative and be depressed. You will self-sabotage the blessings […]

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And It Came To Pass

God is always moving.  In this text we see Jesus speaking to the disciples in the boat.   Your greatest resource is the human resource. It’s important that you value people more than principles. God can not use you if you do not LOVE his people. Be mindful, people do not partner with failure, they […]

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After The Storm

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Hurricane Harvey

The Potter’s House/MegaCARE Response to Hurricane Harvey Aug. 29, 2017 The Potter’s House is continuing to pray for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We have been in contact with the city of Dallas and our nonprofit partners to find the best way we can help the many people who have been impacted by this […]

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Restoring the Years

  Not everyone is chosen for the assignment. You have been chosen; give God THANKS for it. Jesus can and will heal everything in your life. The Devil isn’t after you, he is after your anointing! It is the anointing that does the work. Stay protective of your anointing and don’t let anyone get in […]

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God will send people in your life to help you in certain situations. You have to trust the process even when you don’t have a hint. Have you ever wanted to be something but didn’t have the support in your environment to bring it out? It’s something about the “waiting period” that will determine rather […]

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The Gospel Exposed

“The Gospel Exposed” Romans 7:21-25 ; 2 Corinthians 1:8-10 Your greatest storms break out when you are closest to your greatest impact. The enemy would never try to rob you if he didn’t think you had something. The real power of the Gospel isn’t in showing people you are among the elite, it is in […]

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The Homeless Jesus

We all need somewhere to nest in order to make us feel safe. Discovering your purpose will create displacement; to walk in your purpose is to lose your sense of home. It is wise to remain unfamiliar! Your problem may not be your potential, it very well may be the perception of those around you […]

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