TPH Impact #TappedIntoIt

What Will You Stand For?

  People are always asking me, “Why do you do what you do?” I am told,  “You travel to places where there are no creature comforts, you are around strange cultures and eating strange foods and helping people you don’t even know.” I have found that there is “beauty in brokenness.”  Some look at hurting […]

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You Could Have Tapped Into It!

Chronicles 16:9 and 2 Samuel 12: 1-8 KJV Nathan’s parable came to teach and bring a change. David was so busy focusing on the sin of the man that he wanted to kill him. He was blind to his own sin as an adulterer and a murderer and start to cast judgement. Nathan had to […]

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Let Us Not Rend It!

Let Us Not Rend It! – John 19:15 – 24 They were looking at Jesus as they rejected him and turned him over to Pilate to be crucified. The Roman soldiers, took Jesus and beat him. To the Romans he was an inconvenience as Caesar questioned his leadership. Jesus moaned, groaned and sweated on that […]

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TPH Impact #DontSettle

Don’t Settle For Safe

The carrying capacity is the maximum amount of things that one can ration out for a short period of time. Ahab and Obadiah were trying to figure out the carrying capacity of Samaria. When you live in a drought, you only attract thirsty people. There is something down on the inside that will push you […]

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TPH Impact #SweatEquity

Sweat Equity

  “Sweat Equity” – Exodus 34: 1 – 5 In every miracle performed, there was a requirement of investment. Where there is no human investment, there is no equity. Equity equals asset minus liabilities. In order to receive the equity, you must invest something. There are three times when the law is declared and two […]

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Take It to the Streets

Churches around the world spend millions of dollars each year trying to invite, entice, and recruit people to come to their church. Jesus did not have a physical church so he just took it to the streets.

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T.O.R.I. Impacts