2017 TORI Graduation

We are truly proud of the hard work, tenacity and achievement of the 160 individuals who are graduating from T.O.R.I. today. Over the last 12 years, T.O.R.I. has provided housing, employment, healthcare, family reunification and spiritual guidance to over 10,000 people! This program has made a significant impact in the reduction of recidivism rates in […]

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TPH Impact #ArrestHim

Arrest Him!

  “Arrest Him” Mark 10:46-52 Opportunity is always built on accessibility! If you’re not accessible, you will lose the opportunity. It is amazing how you can get into a system of survival and do something you hate daily, yet still be committed. Where is your survival spot? Have you built systems to accommodate what doesn’t […]

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Pentecost, the Advent occurring 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Jewish pilgrims came from all over to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The Apostles gathered into one place to await the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Beginning at 9 a.m. morning, without forewarning or fanfare, a rushing mighty wind filled the house where the Apostles gathered, immediately filling all with the Holy Spirit.

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Tph Impact #WorshipConnectsUs

Worship Connects Us

TPH Impact #HiddenInPlainSight‬

Hidden In Plain Sight

Trusting God In the Test

One of the things that I have learned about myself, over these 60 plus years, is that I am an encourager. It’s natural for me to walk through the workplace or in a store, smiling while asking someone, anyone, “How are you today?” or “Are you okay?”. Depending on their response, I may even tell […]

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TPH Impact #WhenEvilWorksForGod