Hanging On By A Thread

  Genesis 32:22-31 NIV Everyone has something going on in their basement that needs to be cleaned out. Dig deep in there and admit that you have basement problems. You probably didn’t know you could get it out, but you can. You have the strength to let all the bad GO. Folks can see your […]

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TPH Impact #ChoiceThatBreaksTheCurse

The Choice That Breaks The Curse

“The Choice That Breaks The Curse” Exodus 32:22-32 What we imagine about anything has to do with our point of reference. You have to be careful of the words you speak over your children, you cannot talk to them the way you talk to everyone else. Your words have the power to bless or curse […]

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TPH Impact #GuardYourGardens

Guard Your Gardens

Guard Your Gardens? – Gen 3:8, Matt 4:1 -3; 26:36, John 19:41 This is the year of your release! You are getting ready to go to the next level. Don’t allow people to be connected to you who aren’t interested in reciprocity. Whenever the devil wants to fight you, he starts at the level of creativity! […]

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TPH Impact #IAmNumber8

The Number 8

You’re the number 8! Nothing exposes character more than the way you treat people you don’t need. Whatever is for you is directly in front of you. Don’t be more concerned with your reputation than the Word of the Lord! Just because your circumstances doesn’t look well doesn’t mean God doesn’t have something for you! […]

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TPH Impact #TheTransfer

The Transfer

Text: 2 Kings 13:14-21 You’re either about to receive or release a transfer in your life. Sometimes your revelation is hindered by lack of experience. The enemy wants to isolate you so you don’t get the full deposit of what God wants to give you. If the enemy can isolate you, he incarcerates you. God […]

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TPH Impact #DreamAgain