TPH Impact #DreamAgain

Dream Again Text: Judges 7:1-7 You can’t give up, the finish line is right there. Sometimes you may feel like everything is about to break down but you have to realize that even in the darkness you can find glory! There comes a time in all of our lives where we feel as though our dreams […]

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TPH Impact #RUMyMother

Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother? Mark 3:31-35 NLT In the book of Mark we see Jesus’ mother and brothers send for him. There were a multitude of people sitting around HIM that identified that Jesus’ relatives were outside looking for him. In the best selling book by P.D. Eastman in Dr. Seuss collection, titled “Are you […]

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TPH Impact #ThePersonalTouch

The Personal Touch

The first thing God does with man is touch him. Whatever creates you, you crave. Don’t let the devil convince you the only safe place is when you are alone! It is not good for us to be alone – we all need to be touched. Physical and emotional growth are affected by touch. God […]

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TPH Impact #AreYouAllIn

Are You All In?

Are You All In? – Acts 5:1-10 Do not underestimate the cost of greatness! It is possible to be better at the chase than you are at the catch. How can you bridge the gap between what you see in your spirit and what you see in your life? Be cautious of anything that robs you […]

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TPH Impact #TappedIntoIt

What Will You Stand For?

  People are always asking me, “Why do you do what you do?” I am told,  “You travel to places where there are no creature comforts, you are around strange cultures and eating strange foods and helping people you don’t even know.” I have found that there is “beauty in brokenness.”  Some look at hurting […]

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