Principles of Provocation

Provocation comes through exposure. If we are exposed to better, we can do better. Provocation comes to make you better. There are 3 Principles the Lord will do to provoke you: 1. Inform – You can’t be provoked by ignorance. 2. Inspire – You’ll never make full transformation off of inspiration alone. 3. Impart – […]

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A Snack-sized Overview – “The 15:17 to Paris”

Perception Vs. Discernment

Perception Vs. Discernment  – Matthew 16:15-19 If you lose your name, you’ve lost your power! Jesus lived a world of perceptions – He couldn’t just isolate himself to the company of people He liked. You have to be able to deal with people with different world views or you will lead a very small life! […]

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“Impact!” Mark 9:50 If you don’t learn to measure impact, it will begin to effect how you do everything! You cannot allow someone else’s gift to seduce you into an area you are not equipped for! While you put energy in places that you are not good at, you are starving the areas you could […]

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“Insurrection” (Numbers 12:1-11) Insurrection often starts with adoration. God puts in place boundaries, order and structure first. When He sets these things in this order leave them alone. We must unite to align with His order. You can’t have things your way and have unity. We have to meet in the middle for the greater good. We are […]

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Executive Producer T.D. Jakes Presents “Faith Under Fire,” A Lifetime World Premiere

    Exceptional storytelling has the innate ability to elicit a range of emotions from its audience. Whether thoughtfully curated through music, dance, art, or theater, the intricacies of stories leave imprints on our hearts. One of the commonalities uniting all of mankind, regardless of socioeconomic background, gender, nationality, personality, or occupation, is that we […]

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(Hebrews 5:13-14) Anything you don’t use, you will lose. Anything you don’t exercise will be weak. While you are showing everyone who you are not, the enemy is killing who you really are. If you don’t have a system to sustain what you build, it will be a waste of time. You should be asking […]

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“Intimacy” (John 14:16-20) You cannot have relationship with the Universe. Don’t confuse what God created with what He is. It’s dangerous to make an idol out of a blessing. God doesn’t mind you having things, but He minds things having you! He is a passionate God. Whatever He feels, He feels passionately. He gave his […]

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How to Achieve Your Goals in 2018

It’s a new year! And, if you’re like most ambitious people during the month of January, you’re probably drafting a bucket list for exotic travels, DIY projects, and dream jobs, among other aspirations. However, without proper vision development, you’ll fail to realize your goals. Now, you may be wondering how vision development is correlated to […]

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It’s Still Mine

“It’s Still Mine” (James 1:17) Your gift will make room for you. Hold your head up high because you are gifted. When the gift comes down the praises should go up. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord! The more you praise Him, the more God is going to drop blessings on you! […]

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