TPH Impact #TheHomelessJesus

The Homeless Jesus

We all need somewhere to nest in order to make us feel safe. Discovering your purpose will create displacement; to walk in your purpose is to lose your sense of home. It is wise to remain unfamiliar! Your problem may not be your potential, it very well may be the perception of those around you […]

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TPH Impact #GapFiller

TPH Impact #WeAreInThePlace

He Is A Gap Filler

  Psalms 22:3, 2 Kings 4: 1-10 We are made to think that if we revere the Lord, we will not have problems. That’s not the case, but be assured that GOD will cover you thru it all, he will FILL The GAP. The lady in the text had everything, a successful husband and wealth, […]

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The Place

Thank you for attending service today.   It is such a blessing to celebrate 21 years of ministry in Dallas, Texas.   We have endured many trials and tribulations, but God’s promises have always prevailed.   We are a blessed people!  We are in the PLACE, this is the PLACE!!!…. Thank you for your prayers […]

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Hanging On By A Thread

  Genesis 32:22-31 NIV Everyone has something going on in their basement that needs to be cleaned out. Dig deep in there and admit that you have basement problems. You probably didn’t know you could get it out, but you can. You have the strength to let all the bad GO. Folks can see your […]

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TPH Impact #ChoiceThatBreaksTheCurse

The Choice That Breaks The Curse

“The Choice That Breaks The Curse” Exodus 32:22-32 What we imagine about anything has to do with our point of reference. You have to be careful of the words you speak over your children, you cannot talk to them the way you talk to everyone else. Your words have the power to bless or curse […]

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TPH Impact #GuardYourGardens