Restoring the Years

  Not everyone is chosen for the assignment. You have been chosen; give God THANKS for it. Jesus can and will heal everything in your life. The Devil isn’t after you, he is after your anointing! It is the anointing that does the work. Stay protective of your anointing and don’t let anyone get in […]

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He Is The Great I Am

“He is the Great I Am” John 10 The thing that encourages people to fuel their appetite for faith is a fight. If you lose your center, you will lose your balance. Turbulence has many ways to enter into your life, through any gateway possible, to distract you. If you don’t have a place to […]

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The Potter’s House of Denver Announces New Senior Pastors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NEWS ALERT/CALENDAR LISTING Media Contacts: Dr. Craig W. McMullen, 303.283-7426 Direct, 720.971-7165 Mobile The Potter’s House of Denver Announces New Senior Pastors  DENVER, August 13, 2017 — The Potter’s House Church of Denver is pleased to announce the newly appointed Senior Pastors of our ministry. It is with great excitement […]

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TPH Impact #HeadWinds

The Importance of Sleep

  If you’re like most incredibly busy people, you’ve probably mastered managing a full-time schedule on just a few hours of sleep. Your morning routine, if captured on a painted canvas, would probably resemble the essence of New York City’s iconic Times Square. Without fail, you’re checking the latest news; responding to personal emails; managing […]

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God will send people in your life to help you in certain situations. You have to trust the process even when you don’t have a hint. Have you ever wanted to be something but didn’t have the support in your environment to bring it out? It’s something about the “waiting period” that will determine rather […]

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Get Out Of Gethsemane!

“Get Out Of Gethsemane” Mark 14:32-42 It isn’t what you do in front of people that makes you great, it is what you do in those moments you are alone. Whenever you go through anything that really matters, you experience it alone. What will you give up to get what you want? Your character is […]

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TPH Impact #TheGospelExposed

The Gospel Exposed

“The Gospel Exposed” Romans 7:21-25 ; 2 Corinthians 1:8-10 Your greatest storms break out when you are closest to your greatest impact. The enemy would never try to rob you if he didn’t think you had something. The real power of the Gospel isn’t in showing people you are among the elite, it is in […]

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Tph Impact #MindYourPower