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The Third Option

Bishop Jakes and Miles McPherson discuss race relations as it relates to groups, culture and associations. or in the TDJ Mobile App #TPHOnline! #TheThirdOption#SundayMorning @nelsonjonathan@milesmcpherson

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The Lord Is My Shepherd

Scripture Reference: Genesis 4:1-11 Jesus decided to die for His bride. He could have died with her, but He died for her. God is not a respecter of persons, He’s a respecter of principles. If you follow the principle, you’ll get the result. It’s possible for God not to like what you do and still […]

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God’s Mercy Sits Here

That that isn’t by faith is by sin. Come boldly to the throne of grace. You’ve been exonerated. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! In Christ, all your needs are met. You don’t have to fight with your flesh. Give yourself to the Spirit and there won’t be room for the flesh. […]

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The Golden Lampstand

The tabernacle is the fulfillment of the purpose of God. We cannot break bread with a God we are not in covenant with. Through the tabernacle, God made way for the wretched to be righteous. Salvation was God’s problem, not ours. The battle is between enlightenment and darkness, revelation and blindness. Whenever there is light, […]

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Bread Of Heaven

Today’s Message: “Bread of Heaven: The Most Holy Place!” <p”>Scripture Reference: Exodus 25:8 From creation to now, all God wanted was to be with you. It’s not enough for God to dwell if you don’t dwell. Make God your habitation, not your visitation. There are some things that God won’t show you unless you dwell. […]

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Freedom Is A Bloody Business

Today’s Message: “Freedom Is A Bloody Business” Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 1:18-20 It’s possible to be spiritually free, but naturally bound. It’s also possible to be naturally free, and spiritually bound. Freedom has always required redemption. Freedom has always been a bloody business. You appreciate the freedom because you appreciate the cost. Value is determined […]

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No Room For Distractions

Message: “No Room For Distractions” Scripture Reference: Luke 9:51-62 We cannot afford to procrastinate with time we don’t have. Time becomes more valuable when it becomes limited. Do you know when it’s your hour? The point at which you cannot afford distractions? The greater blessing God wants to give you cannot be attained passively. Our faith […]

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Hate to Come This Far

I’d Hate to Come This Far and Miss It Scripture Reference: Hebrews 4:1-3 God doesn’t look over our differences. He created our differences. You’ve got to love how God made you. Start speaking life to your body. Stop speaking against your body. God always takes you better, not backwards. Don’t kill your future because of your […]

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Running With The Horses

Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. Never be jealous of what God does for someone else. He’s never going to deliver your mail to someone else’s place. Someone else being blessed is just an indication that your blessing is on the way. Anytime someone gets somewhere, it means God made a way! All of the stuff […]

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Decisions and Consequences

Scripture Reference: Luke 15:11-15 We don’t celebrate enough when we get things back in place. You have to keep people around you who celebrate when you get back that which was lost. The lost sheep had no responsibility to get home. Sometimes things just happen to you. The lost coin didn’t lose itself. Some of […]

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