Faith On Trial!

The growing pains of deliverance are riddled with disappointment, but things are about to shift in your life. You might have lost a lot, but God has equipped you with plenty to secure everything that the enemy is trying to steal. Watch the rebroadcast of “Faith On Trial!” at or in the TDJ Mobile […]

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You Can Still Get There

Getting Beyond The Borders!

Matthew 15: 21- 28 (NHEB)⁣ Now is the time to break out of the limitations that had you restricted all of your life. Your blessing is beyond the borders in your path.⁣ Watch the rebroadcast of “Getting Beyond The Borders!” at or in the TDJ Mobile App

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The Thirst Collection

The Power Of An Instrument

The only way for you to fulfill God’s plan for your life is for you to be a tool He can use to magnify His kingdom. Like the instruments David made, God created us to be vessels of devotion for Him. You weren’t conceived to be someone’s toy; you were designed to be His instrument. […]

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Zion Is Calling Me

The King Is Coming!

Watch the rebroadcast of “The King Is Coming” at or in the TDJ Mobile App

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Bridges To Destiny

The battle is your bridge! You can’t build the bridge to your destiny until you win your battle. Watch the rebroadcast of “Bridges To Destiny” at or in the TDJ Mobile App #BridgesToDestiny

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The Transplant