“Change Agent” Numbers 27:1-7

When you are a change agent, you have to be positioned in certain places. Change agents see problems as opportunities to make a positive change.
There are 5 characteristics of Change Agents:

  1. Clear Vision
  2. Patient yet Persistent
  3. Ask Tough Questions
  4. Knowledgeable & Leads by Example
  5. Strong relationships built on trust

It is hard to bring about change without disruption. Whether you are apart of it, benefit from it, or resist it – you WILL be effected by change. Change Agents will always be placed in situations that get on their nerves, but you are called for such a time as this! You are the change you have been waiting on. There is no precedence for what you are about to do, you may need to re-structure some things. However, when its all over, you are going to step into the next dimension! Everything that was held back & looked like it would never change is about to break loose for you! Your destiny is in the disruption and you have been graced to make the change you’ve been waiting on!

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Written by: The Potter's House

September 17, 2017

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