Your thoughts are powerful – As a man thinketh, so is he! You become what you talk about! Surround yourself with conversations that stimulate your interests! You must clear your head from all of the things that have you stuck on the ground. You cannot be innovative and be depressed. You will self-sabotage the blessings God has for you if you let shame takeover. Get rid of your nasty disposition; Let it go! You have a date with your destiny. You have to believe and declare you latter years will be your soaring years. Get into the room with Eagles and listen to the conversation. Don’t bring a chicken attitude, you’ll talk yourself out of a place God is calling you to! Having a dream means nothing if it doesn’t have a goal, there is danger in ambiguity! You have to have a vested interest in your success. Stop laying on the ground when God has called you to the air! Despise not small beginnings! Don’t let your fear stop you, the WIND is coming – Spread your wings!

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Written by: The Potter's House

October 8, 2017

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