Exodus 19:1-6

You have to break your own shell. There is greater in you than what you have manifested up to this point! There is another dimension that God desires for you to operate in – this is NOT it! The nest is as dangerous as it is a blessing! Anything you adjust you adjust to, you will not fight out of! If you adjust to it, you accept it. Invisible walls of incarceration will lock you up and cause you to have limited thinking. Don’t get comfortable sitting when you should be SOARING! Find the wings that put you in positions that you have never been in before. No matter who God uses to lift you, remember it was GOD who exposed you. Your blessing will happen in that “scary” place – that is where you will find your wings! God is getting ready to bring you out on eagle’s wings! This is your season to SOAR!

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Written by: The Potter's House

October 29, 2017

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