“From Graves to Grace” Ephesians 2:1-6 (KJV)


We don’t want to be like most believers, worshipping where Christ once was. We have built our faith around where He used to be in the grave, but the power of the faith is where He came from in the resurrection. The problem with the current church is that we have raised a biblically illiterate generation. Your point of connectivity in the church should go beyond people.  When Jesus went to the cross, He went for me…as me. And, He got up as me. In other words, Jesus got up as a shadow of you. The question is…are we really resurrected? You might be stuck in something that God has called you out of…! Jesus raised Lazarus out of his position from the grave. Lazarus’ condition changed, then his position changed. You have to praise Him for what He brought you out of! We are living in the grave dimension, but we should be living in the GRACE DIMENSION! The grave that you’ve be worrying in, and upset in…if you just change one letter – YOU’RE in GRACE! Sometimes God can raise you up in something that your mentality won’t allow you to sit in. In this new dimension – what was once a problem is no longer a problem. God is going to expose you to heavenly places. God is trying to teach you how to be comfortable with joy, comfortable with peace. God said my GRACE is SUFFICIENT for YOU!

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