“From Praise To Thanksgiving” Psalm 100 Bishop Noel Jones

Your faith opens up your world and moves you into God’s world. It takes you from limited to LIMITLESS! You have got to learn how to praise Him when you don’t feel like it.  In order to mess with your mind, the devil will mess with your circumstances. Anything the devil does, he has to ask for God’s permission – Anybody who has to ask for permission isn’t in charge! Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself! Instead of looking at how low you are, look at how GREAT HE IS! You can’t lose everything! As long as you’ve got GOD you’ve got EVERYTHING! God dwells in the midst of your praise! You have to learn how to praise and glorify Him; That is the only way you will feel better in the midst of pain! Turn your brokenness into a place of joy! It is all working together for your good (Romans 8:28)

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Written by: The Potter's House

November 23, 2017

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