Luke 4:1-2

The temptation happens after the fasting. When we have a natural need, the enemy tries to get us to satisfy it in an unnatural way. Being anointed doesn’t stop you from being hungry. What feeds God is different than what feeds you. The body, the lips, the treasure: These are the things that will feed God. God only eats sacrifice. How do you teach sacrifice to a generation that is hungry for success? There is no success without sacrifice. That thing that makes you feel frustrated and makes your life hard, that might be your cross. Take up your cross and follow Him. If you keep leaving everything that’s not working, you’ll never be anything. God gets the greatest blessing out of people who praise Him in tribulation. If you’re going to walk with Jesus, you have to be able to be an outcast. When God wants your core to be strengthened, He causes you to be destabilized. Praise Him in instability. If you really want to praise God, you have to do it with your lips. Your God is a speaking God. If you feed God, He’ll feed you.

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