“He is the Great I Am” John 10

The thing that encourages people to fuel their appetite for faith is a fight. If you lose your center, you will lose your balance. Turbulence has many ways to enter into your life, through any gateway possible, to distract you. If you don’t have a place to recalibrate yourself, you have lost yourself. You can have what God says you can have! Nothing your haters say about you matters if you can remember what God says about you. Are you waiting on SOMEday while you are wasting TOday? The POWER is in the “I Am”! You have to reclaim control of your environment! Your goal should be to be one with God, not one with people! If you knew who your God was, you’d stop running from your devils! No man can curse what God has blessed. God has snatched you out of situations you didnt even want to be snatched from – He has an investment in you, you were bought with a price. You don’t need to kiss up to anyone – God is your way of access! He is your door! Your praise will open the gate! “I am one with the Father, I am the good Shepherd, I am the gate.” – Praise Him and unlock the blessings He has for you!

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