Momma Don't Look Back

It takes a lifetime to be a good mother. You don’t automatically become a good mother. It’s easy to criticize something you’re not participating in. Remember Lot’s wife. When God is trying to send you forward, have the courage to go somewhere you’ve never gone before. If you lose your life, you will find it. Winning is losing. Losing is winning. Despite of all of Lot’s faults, God saw it fit to save him. God will always take you to the unfamiliar place. God will cause you to leave the familiar and go to the unfamiliar. God will always take you into something better not something lesser. God saves the best for last. A good woman is like salt because she seasons up the home. If we ever needed good mommas before, we sure do need them now. Momma, we need you. We need you to pray for us until we can pray for ourselves. Stay with us, Momma. You are our salt, Momma. You keep us from spoiling. You are our preservative. God is calling you to a higher place and a better position.

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