All Eyes On Him

“All Eyes On Him (Numbers 21: 4-9)”

Where you place your eyes has a lot to do with how your year turns out! You cannot have division and have unity.  When you have a pathology of murmuring and complaining, you don’t know how to be happy. Don’t make your love Too expensive, If you make it too expensive people will give up on you! You have to give yourself permission to be happy! Until you become grateful, you will never become victorious. God is teaching us how to praise Him, even when things aren’t in place! You have to give Him praise for the little things! Until you can appreciate where you are, you’ll never get the release of what God has for your life. God opens doors for us that our mouth shuts. In 2018, God wants to put you in places that you will require you to be quiet once you get there. You’ve been bitten, but have not been beaten! If you look up, God is going to lift you up and heal you! This is your year, God is turning things around in your favor! Declare for 2018 “I’m making a comeback!

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Written by: The Potter's House

January 1, 2018

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