Sunday No Room For Distractions

Message: “No Room For Distractions”

Scripture Reference: Luke 9:51-62

We cannot afford to procrastinate with time we don’t have. Time becomes more valuable when it becomes limited. Do you know when it’s your hour? The point at which you cannot afford distractions? The greater blessing God wants to give you cannot be attained passively. Our faith is less about doing, and more about being. This isn’t something you act, it’s something you do. Whenever someone closes a door, God’s about to open a door. Somebody’s got room. There is another village. God has a place that is prepared for you. Somewhere beyond your anger about Samaria is your new village. Sometimes the enemy will draw you into a fight that has nothing to do with your destiny and even if you win the fight, you’re still distracted. There comes a point where you can’t afford to win the battle so you can win the war. We were never meant to fit into this world. The happiness that people promised you and didn’t deliver was because they never had it to give you. In God’s presence there is fullness of joy. If you’re really going to be a son, you have to live in perpetual displacement. No Room For Distractions!

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