1 Samuel 1:14-24

You can’t understand the power of the promise if you don’t understand the predicament of the prayer! There are some levels of prayer that cannot be taught – trouble has to teach you! Before God can do what He wants to do in your life, you have to get rid of all that is hindering you! How can your womb be filled with promise when your heart is filled with bitterness? Once you remove what is hindering you, God will move men to set up His promise in your life! He won’t do it without them, He will do it through them! God won’t take you through anything that He won’t get you out of. The real test is never in what don’t have, the actual test is when God brings you out, will you still remember Him? The principles of promise are built on covenants – God blesses those He can trust! See the rebroadcast of #PrinciplesofPromise tonight at or in the TDJ Mobile App #TPHonline