The 15:17 to Paris


A few weeks ago, the Levenson Group, an independent advertising firm, invited TD Jakes Ministries social media team and other guests to a private film screening of “The 15:17 to Paris” at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX. The advanced screening allowed patrons to discuss the film with the organizers prior to the release on February 9, 2018.


Now, without further ado, here’s a snack-sized overview of the film inspired by the book, The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train, and Three American Heroes written by Anthony Sadler, Alex Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Jeffrey E. Stern.


Terrorist Attack 

The legendary American actor and filmmaker, Clint Eastwood is the visionary behind the release, “The 15:17 to Paris.” This film is based on the true story of two heroic American soldiers, including Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone and their equally heroic friend, Anthony Sadler. During the summer of 2015, the entire world watched media coverage of three American tourists disrupting the horrific plans of a terrorist aboard Thalys train 9364 bound for Paris. However, what the world didn’t witness was the preparation and training that led these three men to realize their purpose aboard the ill-fated train.


Inner Strength

In this film, we embark on a journey that begins with the actors’ childhood experiences and concludes with them saving the lives of countless Paris-bound train passengers. As Alek, Anthony, and Spencer disarm and restrain Ayoub El-Khazzani, the terrorist armed with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, the three heroes discover their purpose. From their military training, professional and personal setbacks, to awkward life lessons, the actors leverage their inner strength to help rewrite the terrorist’s narrative. Subsequently, all three men were awarded the Legion of Honour, the highest French order for military and civil merits, by the French president.


Real-life Heroism

What distinguishes this film from other cinematic works is that the men actually play themselves in the movie. To this end, many of the scenes may seem unscripted and peculiar. This is primarily a result of how the film depicts the intricacies of each actor’s backstory. However, the overall essence of the men’s heroic story is what makes “The 15:17 to Paris” an inspiring illustration of hope and courage.


Greater Purpose

While this is not intended to be an exhaustive, critical film review, we hope that this snack-sized overview will embolden you. Know that every achievement and setback in life is designed to equip you for your greater purpose! Check your local movie listings for showtimes.

Written by: The Potter's House

February 12, 2018