National Entrepreneurship Month



In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Month, Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter’s House encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to awaken those dormant dreams and prepare to SOAR! As we recap the SOAR Experience in this three-part series, we hope that you’ll discover inspiration for your ventures. In this way, you’ll realize that your goal of becoming a (successful) entrepreneur is actually attainable.


Bishop T.D. Jakes and SUCCESS magazine Editor-in-chief Josh Ellis sat down during the morning session to discuss the importance of developing the proper mentality for entrepreneurship. A captivated Dallas-Fort Worth audience of more than 2,500 aspiring entrepreneurs filled The Potter’s House sanctuary; countless others accessed the event via live stream at The Potter’s House of Denver. Bishop Jakes shared with the audience that one of the most daunting tasks facing entrepreneurs is understanding how to develop a “winning” mindset. The New York Times bestselling author of SOAR! Build Your Vision from the Ground Up challenged the audience to become problem-solvers. Bishop Jakes said that a business is more likely to become successful when the entrepreneur assumes the mindset of a problem-solver. To this end, he encouraged burgeoning entrepreneurs to explore innovative solutions to address client pain points.


After releasing the audience to enjoy a delectable lunch and refreshments in the ballroom of The PLACE, The Potter’s House’s new event facility, gung-ho attendees returned to the sanctuary, and via live stream in Denver, for the afternoon sessions. Aspiring entrepreneurs, during National Entrepreneurship Month, we present to you part two of the SOAR Experience.


We Deserve Better

Walker & Company Founder and CEO Tristan Walker shared the stage with Bishop Jakes to discuss diversity and entrepreneurship. As a successful, young entrepreneur, Tristan is certainly setting a precedent in the African American health and beauty space. In reference to his grooming and haircare line for men and women – Bevel and FORM – respectively, Tristan said, “Our aim is to make quality health and beauty products for people of color. We spend more money in this category than anyone else – and we deserve better.”



Tristan realized that men’s grooming needs in the African American community were disregarded. Men in this demographic had very few options to choose from, as the majority of shaving tools / systems failed to address curly and coarse hair textures often attributed to African American men. Tristan’s Bevel line of shaving products is the solution to this challenge. With regards to African American women’s haircare needs, Tristan created FORM, to serve women with natural, coily, curly, and coarse hair. Today, Walker & Company Brands is a multimillion-dollar health and beauty empire.


“Our aim is to make quality health and beauty products for people of color. We spend more money in this category than anyone else – and we deserve better.”

– Tristan Walker, Founder and CEO, Walker & Company


Building a Legacy

Entrepreneurs have myriad opportunities to scale their businesses through e-commerce. Bishop Jakes informed the 2,500 burgeoning entrepreneurs in the audience that a lot of our minority-owned companies shut down due to a lack of distribution. Tristan said, “Distribution is everything, and that’s why we started selling our products online.” Tristan’s health and beauty products can also be found at Target stores. Tristan stated, “We built a product that everyone loves and people started asking Target retailers to carry our products in their stores.”


With regards to building a legacy, Tristan said, “I put my name on the products because I want my name to be around 100 years from now.” The young entrepreneur asked the audience to think about how many products they buy from Johnson & Johnson and other renowned brands. There’s legacy in the name.



Bishop Jakes said, “Business is about building relationships.” He asked Tristan to share how he became a successful entrepreneur. “I’m from New York and I grew up in the projects. It’s a rose in the concrete story. I only had a few options – become an athlete, actor, or entrepreneur,” said Tristan. The son of a single mom, Tristan decided to attend Stanford University in California. There, he discovered “the world of technology” in Silicon Valley, where he landed a coveted role as director of business development for Foursquare. Tristan said that he emailed the founder approximately eight times for a job opportunity that ultimately paved the way for his entrepreneurial endeavors in the technology, and health and beauty spaces.


“Business is about building relationships.”

– Bishop T.D. Jakes, CEO and Founder, T.D. Jakes Ministries and T.D. Jakes Enterprises


Tristan challenged the SOAR Experience attendees to become creators of products and services, not just consumers. “It’s about consumption versus creativity. Black people are the largest consumers, yet most don’t create,” informed Tristan. Additionally, Bishop Jakes asked Tristan what keeps him up at night. The young entrepreneur stated, “I sleep well because I hire people that share my values, including faith, family, and work…in that order.” Bishop Jakes also asked Tristan about his short-term goals. “I think about the betterment of my leadership; I wanted to be the person that changes things. In closing, Bishop Jakes said that he’s fascinated with what Tristan has accomplished at only 33 years old.




Expand Your Network in 2018

Entrepreneurship, with the proper mindset, could be the catalyst for your legacy (regardless of your age). During National Entrepreneurship Month, we embolden you to think about your legacy and the impact it’ll have on your family and others. With that said, aspiring entrepreneurs, you’ll definitely want to explore the International Pastors & Leadership Conference in April 2018. Mark your calendars for this great opportunity to expand your network. You’ll connect with thousands of successful entrepreneurs in diverse industries; glean invaluable insights about entrepreneurship; and discover how to impact the world around you. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we recap the final installment of this three-part series. Until then, celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month by drafting that phenomenal business plan, or supporting a local small business!

Written by: The Potter's House

November 15, 2017