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What does an iPhone and Amazon Echo have in common? Both of these gadgets were developed and designed with the help of STEAM. STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Professionals working in the STEAM field are tasked with creating wildly innovative, user-friendly products that help us live more meaningful lives. Today, this evolving field needs young innovators who are passionate about marrying ingenuity with purpose to realize the next BIG thing! And, it all begins with the STEAM Summer Camp in Dallas, TX!


Charting a path in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics for the next generation!


Four-week Summer Camp

If you’re a parent of a child between the ages of 5 and 16, this summer camp is ideal for your young innovator. The four-week program, developed by The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX, is unlike any other summer camp in Texas. From June 4 through June 29, students attending the STEAM Summer Camp will have access to invaluable tools and resources designed to help them hone their critical thinking and interpersonal skills, among other developmental areas needed to excel in this competitive field.




Hands-on, Project-based Approach

This summer camp in Dallas offers students the opportunity to delve deep into STEAM, with hands-on, project-based learning. Oftentimes, students are unable to grasp concepts due to learning disabilities and/or diverse learning styles. However, when students participate in our STEAM Summer Camp at The P.L.A.C.E. in Dallas, their unique learning styles are nurtured for success! This is made possible with the support of our compassionate instructors and leaders who understand that not every student comprehends information in the same manner. Additionally, concepts from every lesson are reinforced through engaging field trips across the city of Dallas!


Here’s a glimpse of the STEAM curriculum that students will explore:

  • Science
    • This STEAM track will uncover insights about science, as well as health and nutrition
  • Technology
    • During the camp, instructors will offer hands-on training in the world of robotics
  • Engineering
    • Students interested in engineering have opportunities to become the masterminds behind various projects
  • Arts
    • Young minds uncover how to use creative thinking for problem-solving through the visual and performing arts
  • Mathematics
    • Honing mathematical thinking skills is essential for equipping students to develop the next great invention
  • And, entrepreneurship is a STEAM track that will prepare students to chart their own path for success regardless of their preferred STEAM field




The Power of Art and Creative Thinking

Students will be immersed in a nurturing, yet challenging environment, where collaboration with peers, leaders, and entrepreneurs yields inspiration for tomorrow’s innovations. Unlike STEM which delves into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEAM celebrates the exploration of the arts. The Potter’s House believes that the arts component helps to engage a student’s imagination. Creative thinking in science and mathematics is needed to uncover new and exciting ways to innovate. From self-driving cars to smartphone 3D printers, well-rounded students are able to develop some of the world’s most fascinating inventions when they leverage their creative prowess and analytical skills.


Invest in Your Child’s Career Today

Whether your child is passionate about music and theater, computer technology, including gaming and programming, or robotics and engineering, the STEAM Summer Camp is designed with tomorrow’s young leaders in mind. This highly anticipated summer enrichment program will be held at The P.L.A.C.E., the new event center developed by The Potter’s House, located at 6777 West Kiest Blvd., Dallas, TX 75236. Your child will attend camp Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The cost to attend the summer camp is $75 per week, including breakfast and lunch. If you’re ready to invest in your child’s career today, secure your child’s spot for the STEAM Summer Camp!




For more information about this upcoming summer camp in Dallas, contact or call 1.800.247.4672.

Written by: The Potter's House

May 14, 2018