Esther 6:1-10 KJV

God gives things to us before they happen. The solution was already created before the problem. He is setting you up for a comeback. God is getting ready to induce an Esther season into your life. What you thought was rejection, was preparation. Esther went from rejection to royalty in just a moment. Sometimes God allows you to be rejected so that people’s fingerprints aren’t on His blueprint.

It’s not that you are not ready for the opportunity, the opportunity is not yet ready for you. It is coming. It may seem as though the storm won’t let up, but it will. The devil does his best business at the door: your ears, eyes, and mouth are doors. He shows up when you feel like giving up. So, know God has a plan to elevate you. God is using your enemies to plan your elevation! He is using someone beneath you to bless you.

The blessing is so big that someone is going to have to lose sleep for you to get it. Don’t let your blessing cause you to NOT be one. Watch the rebroadcast of “The Hang Man” TONIGHT at or on the TD Jakes app. #TPHOnline #TPHHangman