“The Lazarus Effect“ (John 12:1-3, 9-11) Presented by Pastor Derick Faison

Watch this powerful rebroadcast by Bishop T.D. Jakes: “Hidden In Plain Sight

Your life should be a message about God’s love and grace. Without opening a scripture, they should be able to see what your life is about. It was in my crisis that I met my Christ! If you take away my crisis, you take away my anointing. Your anointing comes when you’ve had a crisis, then God steps into it…! I got to tell you about the God that will step into any situation! Your life is “preaching” even when you’re not saying anything. Lazarus’ condition was “preaching” for him…Lazarus came bouncing out of his “graveyard” situation! Many were shocked because they didn’t stick around for the miracle. His presence was preaching! It inspired Mary to worship. If you’ve ever lost faith or confidence, and God gives it back to you – it makes you want to worship! The last time we saw Mary, she was crying at the feet of Jesus. Now, we see Mary grateful! There’s something about hearing someone with a grateful heart…! Real worship will reveal true intentions. If you ever want to know who your true friends are… START WORSHIPPING! Even the people that didn’t like Jesus, came to listen to Jesus. He was a great orator! I get why they came to see Jesus, but I don’t get why they came to see Lazarus…he didn’t have a message. But, God said He didn’t need to give Lazarus a message. Lazarus was the MESSAGE! What was Lazarus doing this entire time? He was living his life! The best way to answer your critics is to Live Your Life! If you want to live your life like Jesus, you have to submit to God’s will!

Written by: The Potter's House

December 17, 2017

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