One of the things that I have learned about myself, over these 60 plus years, is that I am an encourager. It’s natural for me to walk through the workplace or in a store, smiling while asking someone, anyone, “How are you today?” or “Are you okay?”. Depending on their response, I may even tell a funny story to make them laugh, as an expression of kindness.


When I was a little boy, an aged lady that lived in a house way up in the hayfield, one that I use even today, cautioned, “Be careful how you entertain strangers, for you may entertain angels unaware.” To this day, this sage advice, also presented in Hebrews 13:2, is one golden rule that has made a distinct imprint on my life.


I encourage anyone that may read this blog to stay focused on God as you walk along life’s pathway. Although you will encounter challenges, know that God is walking alongside you. Sometimes life feels like a rollercoaster. In one moment, you’re celebrating a life born. And then, in the next moment, you’re mourning a life lost. Neither favor nor pedigree excludes us from these challenges and neither does money.


If you live long enough, you will be challenged. Some challenges may feel like God is hiding his face or has gone on vacation. Believe me as I have experienced countless challenges in my own life. During one daunting experience in my life, I once said, “I’m trying to wait patiently on the Lord while tears stream across the bridge of my nose onto the pillows.” I waited. God listened. The pain that we experience in life can sometimes seem unbearable, but trusting God in the test is what makes us champions.


From Calvin Coolidge to Job, we will all experience challenges in life. “It is only when men worship that they begin to grow.” This is one of my favorite quotes by Calvin Coolidge. I’m also reminded of the many hardships that Job experienced in the Bible. Job said, “He knows the way that I take; when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)


As a pastor with a heart for God, I can tell you from personal experience, that while crying, I got supernatural strength to raise my head from that pillow and worship with a joyful song. So, remember, trusting God in the test will enable you to worship with an unwavering praise!


Written By: Pastor Lawrence Robinson

Written by: The Potter's House

February 28, 2017