People are always asking me, “Why do you do what you do?” I am told,  “You travel to places where there are no creature comforts, you are around strange cultures and eating strange foods and helping people you don’t even know.”

I have found that there is “beauty in brokenness.”  Some look at hurting people and all they can see is helplessness, poverty, and damaged goods.  Through God’s eyes, I have been allowed to see the beauty of whom and what they can become.

Spiritual emptiness is a universal disease.  Many people in the world simply exist from day to day.  Each day is not a matter of living; it is an urgent matter of survival.  This emptiness is not just found in  third world countries.  There are millions of Americans living day to day and not really living at all.  An existence without purpose or hope is empty and lonely.

God has called us to be carriers of hope to the nations.  In order to position our hearts to come alive, we must have the heart of the church.   If our heart is healthy we can change the soul of the nation.  And if we are strong the people will follow our strength.  Because our strength comes from the Lord, we can succeed.

In the midst of persecution, the Early Church came alive.  Believers were being beheaded, eaten by lions and crucified in open arenas where thousands came to watch their demise.  The Believers stood strong and sang hymns as they walked to their death.  Their faith was so bold that thousands that came to watch them die wept and cried out, “How can we be saved.”  As a result,  the believer’s heart changed the soul of the Nation.

Hebrews 12:27 states, “The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken–that is, created things–so that what cannot be shaken may remain.”  Every institution including the church is being shaken.  The earth is groaning with birth pains.   Our world has seen an increase of disasters, fires, floods, and earthquakes.  Add to that the overwhelming prophesy in Psalms 2 that Nations will rage.

We see unrest all over the world and our country is not excluded.  In the natural everything seems to be imploding.  But in the midst of this God is raising up a Last Days People.  Jesus teaches us that in the middle of calamity we find opportunity to be a testimony.

When we respond to the needs of the world, when we serve our community, we bring hope to the hopeless.  Our service is sowing into our future. You have to believe that tomorrow will be better than today. Your soul cannot live well without belief in the future.  The life God has for you is bigger than the one you can dream for yourself.

It’s one thing to understand that you were born for greatness; it’s entirely different to embrace it.  You have to step up to move to the next level. Destiny is an invitation not an obligation.  What cause will you stand for?


Written By: Pastor Ronnie Guynes

Written by: Ronnie Guynes

April 25, 2017